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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new hot thing.

When I was a tattoo-artist and shop owner in the 90’s, in order to advertise, I had to take out an ad in the yellow-pages. It was about $700 a month. thinking back, I cannot believe that I paid this much. I the internet evolved, I quickly hired somebody to build me a website. I started there and went with it and got a myspace page , where I added my website link. Over the years I learned more and stopped paying for the yellow-pages and sunk my teeth getting to know advertising with digital marketing and search engine optimization.

I have started a youtube channel with a show and learned about the use of tags and keywords.

Now I am an active person on many social medias. I check my facebook in the morning and throughout there are many ads. I have notice d the ads are specified to what I have been googling. I have been googling “ line dancing”, so now I am seeing ads for that as well as clothing. Flannels and cowboy boots for example.

One of them is where I actually ordered a sweater from. The advertising is very much tailored to my taste.

I also know that Trader Joe’s doesn’t do advertising , but you can follow their instagram feed and find new recipes. They also have a great podcast Trader Joes inside, where they discuss items they sell, even how some items are found and created.

I remember I found a recipe on one of the Trader Joes site and tried it out, even made a show of it.

Trader Joes Podcast is done very well, and I enjoy listening to it, because it is educational.

Another company that appeared in my facebook feed is the clothing company :

Again very much geared to my tased, because I researched jackets.

Social media advertising is very important, because nobody really listens to the radio, reads the newspaper or has a TV subscription. People are clued to their phones and computers and now it is possible to gear your advertising to the right market.

if you are a youtuber and you have a certain amount of follower, they can put advertisements before you video plays and you get payed. So advertisers can see what kind of videos you are posting and calculate the audience and pick the videos that work for them.

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