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About Me...

    I left Germany in 1988 with an education in Graphic-design to travel around the world. I started in the Congo and made my way through Zaire, Burundi Tanzania, Kenya  and South-East-Asia.

   I felt the need to settle down and bought a plane ticket to  San Francisco, where I was received with open arms.  Supporting myself by bartending, during which I taught myself the art of tattooing. In 1995 I was offered a job at the infamous Lyle Tuttle Tattoo Studio.

   I produced two independent films , “A holy promise”, and “Love will travel” and acted in them. I bought Lyle Tuttle Tattooing in 2001. Meanwhile I was busy taking photos as a source of reference for my paintings.

During the later years of my 20 year tattoo career, during which I tattooed Singer-Songwriter “Adele” and Aimee Mann, I started getting more into photography and have now fully submerged myself into wedding, event and portrait photography.

   I used photography as a vehicle for my paintings and then about 5 years realized that my photography holds its own ground. 

   In the last 3 year I have been working on my knowledge in video and video editing.  I created a fun and entertaining show called "THE TANJA NIXX SHOW''. 


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